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Project Overview

What is BECBA?

BECBA aims to empower and engage young people in agro-entrepreneurship actions that involve transforming bio-waste into valuable bio-products through innovative circular business models.

The project addresses two major issues related to rural areas: 
  • unemployment of young people
  • high amounts of segregated and mixed bio-waste that are not properly managed

To achieve its objectives, the project focuses on developing the capacities of youth workers in recovering valuable nutrients from bio-waste and adapting them for reuse in agriculture. This approach is an integral part of the New Circular Economy Action Plan and will help shift agriculture away from its current linear model.

What are the main objectives?

The project has three main goals:

  • Empower youth workers to become circular economy coaches and support rural youth in adopting circular conversion techniques and methods towards bio-waste streams generated from agriculture in rural areas.
  • Engage rural youths to develop knowledge, skills and competences in CE and green entrepreneurship to start pilot actions in conversion of growing agricultural bio-waste and by-products into eco-efficient bio-based products viable for setting up green businesses.
  • Design a Virtual Incubator for rural youth start-up development, integrating the training path of the pilot actions with didactic resources for viral training based on new circular business models and marketing concepts for cross-sectorial valorisation of agricultural by-products.

What are the target groups?

The target groups of the project are:

  • Youth Workers
  • Recently graduated students in agriculture, environment, and other related fields (aged 25+)
  • NEET youths coming from rural areas (aged 18+) interested in participating in bio-circular development programs
  • Circular coaches
  • Relevant stakeholders (policymakers, representatives of government institutions, research and development entities, businesses, NGOs and CSOs)

What are the project results?

The Project Results are:

  1. Training Format (Modules)
  2. ‘Agricultural waste management in a circular economy’ Manual
  3. Virtual Incubator

Project Partners

Youth Ecological and Security Zone (EcoZ) - General Coordinator - Kosovo

Youth Ecological and Security Zone is a grass root organization that through advocating and lobbying we promote a better Environment for people of Kosovo. The NGO vision is to advance pursuit of sustainable environment, strive for integration of environment protection in all operations of Kosovo`s institutions and to promote nurture and a culture of sustainability, particularly environmental responsibility among citizens. EcoZ has a group of environmental scientists, engineers, educators, volunteers, activists, philosophers and other enthusiastic youth people concerned to protect the environment. 

Alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH – Austria

Alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH is fully committed to the principles of the circular economy and are pioneers in Central Europe and, since 2018, also in Southern Europe in this area. The guiding principle of the organisation includes research and education as well as developing and spreading best practices for the transition to a circular (bio) economy and the wider adoption of nature-based solutions.

Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) – Greece

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization who aims to create a healthier entrepreneurial environment on a national and European level and to try to support young people who wish to make their innovative entrepreneurial ideas come true. AKEP's main objective is the cultivation of the essential entrepreneurial attitude and transfer of the necessary knowledge to public and private organisations related to youth entrepreneurship. The topic of green economy applied to AKEP’s services is a new stream of initiatives which the organisation has been developing in the last two years. 

Let’s Do It Peja (LDIP) - Kosovo

Let’s Do It Peja (LDIP), is a community-based organization founded in 2012 with the aim of protecting the community environment, being registered as an NGO on July 3, 2014. Since then LDIP evolved into most reliable environmental protection organization for national and international partners and donors. Within current mid-term strategic program, LDIP has planned dynamic actions for the protection and improvement of the environment in Kosovo envisaging cooperation with local, national and international organizations and institutions to promote environmental protection and reduce negative polluting factors and raising awareness among citizens, businesses and institutions responsible for environmental protection.

Environmental and Territorial Management Institute (ETMI) - Albania

ETMI is not just committed to further develop the entrepreneurial and environmental knowledge and competences of youth workers, but also has displayed a long-standing focus on the use of circular economy in the agriculture sector, with a specific focus on youth disadvantaged categories coming from rural areas. The organisation has past experiences related to the project topic through the on-going Circular Economy into Art through Eco-Design” – CEED’’ project aiming to increase capacities of young workers in self-entrepreneurship by promoting circular economy principles in eco-design, innovation and start-up creation.

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