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Turning ideas into shared value is equally relevant to progressing one's career, supporting one's local sports team or establishing a new social enterprise. Entrepreneurial value creation and entrepreneurial learning can take place in any sphere of life..
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Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Goals e-learning hub

A non-formal training hub for the effective achievement of the Global Sustainable Goals.

EntreComp Practitioner - We love turning ideas intro actions

Our mission is to empower professionals and new entrepreneurs

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Flexible hours

Our online learning platform gives you the flexibility to complete classes at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Training materials

Our training materials have been specifically designed to be engaging and informative. Our courses are easy to follow, and are broken down into digestible chapters, which contain a mix of text, images, and videos.

Quality content

We understand that staying at the top of your profession means accessing education and earning certificates efficiently and effectively.

Online courses

We provide online courses that prepares everyone for the real world. We offer an array of courses that cover everything from business to writing skills, helping our students gain knowledge and practice their skills at the same time.

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